EDC Knives

We consider the knives and gear you see here essential daily tools. Our focus is on locating the highest quality custom knives, production knives and gear available, and matching that to our customer’s needs. We have teamed up with some of the premier knife makers in the world for one of a kind or limited edition knives that you won’t find anyplace else.

Mokume by Mike Sakmar

Mike and Sarah Sakmar reside in Howell Michigan and together they make mokume for many different customers, and for almost as many purposes. Examples of what our mokume has been used on includes custom knives, pens, tattoo machines, some jewelry, flashlights and golf clubs. Even exacto knife handles!

Custom Knives by David Broadwell

A portfolio of functional art from artist-craftsman David Broadwell, including available and recent works in one of a kind art knives, fountain pens, and fine accessories.

Rich Staebler – R & M Custom Knives

We started collecting knives about 12 years ago, and as the years have gone by our appreciation and enthusiasm for not only custom knives but for custom knife makers has grown into a full time passion. We strive to provide the best quality knives, at reasonable prices. – Jim Cooper

Makers take pride in their work, and want to show it in its best form. Knife photography is good marketing, not journalism. The lighting and layout methods I use enhance the photos, not beyond real, but up to the level of appreciation that a handmade object deserves. The knives are on stage and the show has begun!

Artistry by Tina Derusha

Tina Derusha has been a portrait photographer working in downtown Grand Rapids for more than 14 years. She lives in Union Square, an old high school renovated into condos, with her husband, three wily cats and an overflowing closet full of shoes. She holds an AFA in Photography from Grand Rapids Community College. In the past, Tina has served in the capacity of Assistant Gallery Director for The Photography Room. Her years of experience in fine art, as well as her distinctive shooting style, have attracted a loyal client following over the years. Tina’s portrait portfolio may be viewed on her website, Artistry by Sonatina.

Laser Work by Brian Chuchla

In recognizing the need for customized and unique items, we have taken our experience of over 40 years of scouting in 5 different Boy Scout Councils and hope to bring you the most affordable and unique gifts of this kind available to the Scouting public. Having the knowledge and resources to see what is needed in the scouting markets, we are happy to provide services such as customized name tags, award presentation plaques, and other unique gifts. These are not a replacement for a typical Scoutcraft product, but can offer a great accent to a collection or prove to be that unique gift for the collector who has everything.